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DUST TAPEThe revolutionary way of keeping dust under control

Dust Tape, the best way of keeping dust under control when getting those shelves up, hanging that picture or even putting up that bathroom mirror

Dust Tape Dust Tape

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Dust Tape has some great features, which make it a unique product

Short descriptionRevolutionary dust control

Dust tape is designed to make the small tasks around the house that little bit easier!

Dust Tape eliminates the mess created by doing some home DIY. Drill dust somehow always seems to leave a mess. For example, when putting up some shelves at home, you have drilled the holes required and the drill dust debris has spilled down the wall and onto the skirting board and carpet. Dust Tape is a simple device which sticks to any surface and collects all the dust as it falls. You can then simply fold up and discard.

Dust Tape is easily folded to form a V shaped enclosure. Due to Dust Tape's design, it can be used to form different shaped enclosures. This can suit whatever size or shape of holes you need to drill! Dust Tape can even be used as a dust collecting tray, for when you are sanding small areas.

Features listThe key elements that make Dust Tape unique

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Customer reviews


I have used the prototype of Dust Tape on a number of bathroom installations and have found the product to be a great success. The product collected all of the red tile/brick dust preventing it from falling all over the surfaces where fresh silicon had just been applied. Disposal of the waste dust was exceptionally easy, as all I needed to do was seal the product up and throw it away! I would be very happy to see this product on general sale.
Paul - H2 Pro Plumbing
After the decoration of a living room for my client I proceeded to hang picture fixtures onto plasterboard and brick walls. I applied Dust Tape to the wall and was able to collect all of the dust without needing to put any dust sheets down. I was impressed that the product could be used for more than one use and can see Dust Tape being used by multiple trades.
Pete - Omega Painting and Decorating
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